Careerism…the ultimate “Return on Investment”

 Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I’m catching up, here’s what I think…

Careerism…the ultimate “Return on Investment” for American dreamers. You work hard at what you’re good at, all your life. At life’s long last, you retire, reaping the benefit of a half-a-century’s worth of mundane Mondays. “Owing your soul to the company store,” as Ernie Ford put it, is the best plan we can come up with? Worse, this concept is bought and sold daily in marketplaces abroad; microscopic and seemingly nonexistent to a thankless, cold-blood corporate world. Salesmen include breakfast cereal commercials, career days, college minors, and family owned and operated businesses, whom all may stake a claim to the fortune earned by the “Straw Bosses,” to keep up with Ernie.

Careerism is the wool pulled over our eyes to ensure profit-maximization occurs in the economy. What’s taught to our youth is blasphemy according to what I’m gonna call the general consensus of American citizens, or even shareholders. Employees, the fortunate proxies for a lie that every one of us swallows every second of every day in this social construct known as a “plague” according to some. Looking at the scoreboard though, for now, if majority rules…according to most…this plague is just another acceptable “R.O.I.”


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